Binance in the Emirates – Crypto to ease the setup of companies

UAE Gateway – Virtuzone and Binance make it easy to set up a business in the UAE. They offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to pay with cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies to create your online business3

Virtuzone is now enabling web3 companies to take their first steps into cryptocurrencies in the United Arab Emirates. According to a statement on August 29, this business creation service provider in the region is partnering with Binance. Thus, it allows its customers to make payments in cryptocurrencies thanks to Binance Pay.

With this initiative, Virtuzone wants to remove certain barriers to starting a business in the United Arab Emirates. It also joins the list of companies in the region such as JA Resorts and Hotels and Majid Al Futtaim that use Binance Pay as a crypto payment gateway.

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Growth of Cryptocurrency Payments in the United Arab Emirates

The list of organizations accepting payments in cryptocurrencies is growing in the region. Thus, in early June last year, the Al Jalil Foundation announced that it had received permission to receive donations in cryptocurrencies.

More recently, the discount giant in the Day to Day Hypermarket region began accepting payments in cryptocurrencies both at its physical branches and on its e-commerce site.

With the gradual emergence of crypto platforms in the UAE, the growing proliferation of digital asset payments, and regulations designed to spur innovation on the internet3, the region continues to increase its attractiveness in the sector. Other countries, by contrast, favor or are in the process of heavily regulating the industry.

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