Binance Increases Security By Appointing Former IRS Special Agents

Binance, the world’s leading blockchain ecosystem and cryptocurrency infrastructure provider, today announced the appointment of Tigran Gambaryan and Matthew Price, both former special agents of the Internal Revenue Service’s Criminal Investigation Cybercrime Unit (IRS-CI). in Washington.

Tigran Gambaryan joins Binance as Vice President of Global Intelligence and Research after a decade at IRS-CI. As a special agent, Tigran has investigated national security, terrorist financing, theft and distribution cases. Tigran has also led several high-profile multi-million dollar cyber investigations, the most notable of which are the Silk Road corruption case, the BTC-e bitcoin exchange, and the Mt. Gox hack.

Matthew Price joins Binance as Senior Director of Research, after 15 years of intelligence and law enforcement experience. Matthew has led investigations of cybercrime, money laundering, and financial crime, and has generally been involved in joint efforts to mitigate counter-terrorism and counterintelligence threats. Previously, as a special agent for the IRS-CI, Matthew conducted international cyber investigations targeting veins of cryptocurrencies used for illicit purposes. Matthew was the lead investigator in the Helix case, the first successful investigation of an illicit bitcoin dropping service operating on the darknet.

The announcement follows recent appointments by former Europol specialist covering Dark Web investigations Nils Andersen-Röed and former Mariposa County California detective Aron Akbiyikian, who also led investigations at Chainalysis and TRM Labs before joining Binance.

“Binance’s research team now brings together the world’s best researchers who have worked on some of the most important cyber investigations in history, with an unmatched track record in this industry,” said Binance CEO ‘CZ’ (Changpeng Zhao). “This experience will help Binance be a leader in compliance and build public trust in Binance and the cryptocurrency ecosystem as a whole.”

Led by Jimmy Su, Binance’s Chief Security Officer, and Tigran, the audit and investigation team will focus on internal and external investigations to prevent financial threats and losses, while continuing to work closely with law enforcement agencies and regulators around the world.

“Compliance is our priority,” Tigran said. “We will work closely with our compliance colleagues to identify criminals and bring them to justice. The ever-changing cryptocurrency industry requires strong cooperation between industry, law enforcement, and regulators. Our goal is to increase compliance. confidence in cryptocurrencies by making Binance the main contributor to the fight against human trafficking, ransomware and terrorist financing. “

“I want to educate the global community on how Binance is a partner in fighting the illicit use of cryptocurrencies, keeping the ecosystem more secure and moving forward sustainably,” added Tigran.

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