Binance Receives Approval in the 7th Country of the European Union

Binance Receives Approval in the 7th Country of the European Union

Binance has registered with the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority, making the Scandinavian country the seventh European jurisdiction to have a cryptocurrency exchange approved.

Residents of Sweden will now be able to buy and sell cryptocurrency with euros, access Binance’s staking service, and use the exchange’s Visa card, among many other services, Binance announced on Wednesday.

Registration in Sweden follows Binance registration in France, Italy, Lithuania, Spain, Cyprus and Poland.

At the Crypto Finance Conference in St. Moritz on Wednesday, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao stated that the cryptocurrency exchange intends to continue its scaling plans with the goal of increasing its workforce from 15% to 30%.

Zhao said that Binance has grown from 3,000 to 8,000 employees in 2022. This would mean the exchange is in stark contrast to many of its peers who have cut headcount in recent months, a trend likely to continue into 2023.

Jamie Crowley, Coindesk

Jamie Crowley is a reporter for CoinDesk based in London.

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