BioNTech “confident” in the effectiveness of its vaccine against the Indian variant

“While the ‘trials’ are still ongoing,“ the Indian variant has mutations that we have already studied and against which our vaccine works, which gives us confidence, ”Sahin said at an online news conference.

Variant B.1.617, more commonly referred to as the Indian variant because of its first appearance in India, has been found in “at least 17 countries” including the United Kingdom, the United States, Belgium, Switzerland and even the United Kingdom. Italy, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

I am confident that the “citadel” of the Covid-19 vaccination will “continue,” added Mr Sahin.

BioNTech has already tested its vaccine with more than 30 variants, each time producing at least a “sufficient immune response,” he added.

The director of a German RNA messenger startup that has become a global pioneer in immunization has also announced that his vaccine, which has been used in the EU and the US since December last year, should soon receive approval from Chinese health authorities.

“There are still a few open questions that we are answering” and “it is very likely that permission will be received by July,” the scientist said.

He also said that he advocated easing restrictions on the vaccinated, but “this should not happen too quickly, or we will create envy.”

When 50 to 60% of Europeans are vaccinated at the end of May or during June, such “scientifically sound” indulgences “will affect the majority of the population,” said Mr Sakhin.

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