Bison smart sees black for a crossover, so traffic jams are formed

HOLIDAY DEPARTURES. If the dictionary had a definition for “Black Saturday”, it would refer to this Saturday, July 30th. Hundreds of kilometers of traffic should be expected on this day, during which rested Julyists will cross roads with exhausted Augustites, as evidenced by the inky black Hexagon of the Bison fute. You have to be patient with the pain.

But why exactly? While you fully understand that a crash can result in significant slowdowns, some slowdowns seem to come out of nowhere. In fact, their appearance makes sense. It is even physical, and several scientists have already run numerous simulations to explain it.

German researcher Martin Treiber has actually developed a traffic simulator that anyone can set up to get a feel for the conditions in which traffic jams form.

In three different situations (a closed highway, a freeway exit and a reduction in the number of lanes), you can gradually observe the behavior of cars in accordance with statistical rules. Cursors allow you to change the number of cars on the road, the percentage of trucks, the speed, and the acceleration or distance between two vehicles.

As you can see in our video at the top of the article, here are some examples of traffic jams or have fun creating your own simulations to pass the time during traffic jams.

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