Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies remain popular among young Belgian investors

Despite the difficult economic situation last year, cryptocurrencies have not disappeared from the field of view of Belgian investors. A fifth of investors claim to own cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, and 8% say they have had one in the past. Among investors under the age of 35, 41% have cryptocurrencies in their portfolio, and 39% of investors believe that bitcoin will still exist ten years from now.

The barometer also confirms the success of real estate, which was named by almost a third of investors as the best investment for 2023. Real estate also ranked first last year. For 19% of respondents, stocks or equity funds would be the best investment, while 13% consider gold to be the best investment of the year.

Finally, while among males, real estate and stocks perform similarly, each with about a quarter of the vote, among female investors, real estate (33%) stands out significantly more than stocks (15%) as the best investment. “This is a recurring phenomenon. Women investors tend to opt for more security. And in this regard, real estate is considered more reliable than stocks,” analyzes Peter Vanden Hout, chief economist at ING Belgium.

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