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The value of the 18,840,616 BTC that are already in circulation represents 83% of all the silver (metal) that leaves the earth. We are in 9% of all the gold in the world. Still early …

BTC vs Silver

“Capitalization of money: $ 1.27 billion
Bitcoin capitalization: $ 1.064 billion
Progress (bitcoin beating money) ”

It is estimated that 1.74 million tons of silver have been mined. To get an idea of ​​the thing, imagine a cube with a side 55 m …

That said, half the money is consumed in the industry. For example, the manufacture of solar panels requires more than 2,000 tons of silver per year. Its remarkable electrical conductivity also makes it a material of choice for electric vehicles, etc.

In other words, this cube would be of the order of 27 m per side if we subtract the lost money forever.

Therefore, the value of the bitcoin network ALREADY has exceeded the value of the actually recoverable money. We are not at 83% of the silver stock, but at 160% …

By the way, only 5.8% of this stock exists in the form of coins and 3.6% in the form of bullion.

BTC vs gold

“Gold capitalization: $ 11,151 billion
Bitcoin capitalization: $ 1.064 billion
Progress (bitcoin beating gold) ”

According to the World Gold Council, there are 197,000 tons of gold. The cube is only 21 m away. That is, 9261 cubic meters of gold from the earth against 166,000 cubic meters of silver.

All the gold in the world weighs around $ 11 trillion compared to around $ 1 trillion for the Bitcoin network. A simple rule of three can state that a single BTC will be worth around $ 500,000 when BTC outperforms gold.

This is a credible scenario given that gold is very expensive to move, divide and verify. It takes an enormous amount of energy to melt gold. It is also difficult to pay in gold dust …

On the contrary, the BTC moves at the speed of light for three times nothing (Lightning Network). It is also infinitely divisible. A satoshi could be worth 0.0000000000001 BTC if we wanted to.

Gold’s superiority appears to be equated by JP Morgan, who argues that “the resurgence of inflation concerns among investors has rekindled interest in bitcoin as a hedge.” “Institutional investors seem to be coming back to bitcoin, perhaps seeing it as a better hedge against inflation than gold.”

And yet its CEO Jamie Dimon has once again stated that he is of the opinion that “bitcoin is worth nothing” …

It is only a matter of time before the entire value of the barbarian relic is absorbed into bitcoin. Whatever the postwar bankers say.

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