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Macroguru and former Goldman Sachs boss Raoul Pal said that Bitcoin has created a pattern that could herald a big rally.

The CEO of Real Vision informs his 652,000 subscribers that Bitcoin is forming a huge divide to the downside, reminiscent of the pattern that took shape from 2017 to 2020. When BTC exited technical training, it surpassed its all-time high of $ 64,000.

“Bitcoin’s long-term chart looks quite attractive. The trench can be broken on the first try, but a consolidation pattern of this magnitude generally results in a very strong bullish move. “

Source: Raoul Pal / Twitter

Based on Pal’s graph, the macroinvestment expert suggests that Bitcoin would be out of reach from now until early next year.

Pal also sees a gap forming in the Bitcoin Ethereum (ETH / BTC) pair. According to the macro guru, ETH / BTC could break its resistance at the top of the trench and trigger a 100% rally from current levels.

“The charts are excellent, and the ETH / BTC cross has shown magnificent consolidation, and if the gap breaks, it should almost double.”

Source: Raoul Pal / Twitter

The ETH / BTC investor prediction matches previous calls for Ethereum to be one of the best bets in all financial markets. According to Pal, the next few months should be “fun” for the cryptocurrency markets, which include significant increases in ETH / BTC.

“My thesis is based on the fact that the months of October, November and December are fun. I use a lot of graphics for this. I’m starting to look for other protocols and tokens that work compared to Ethereum and Bitcoin because we should see the risk curve go even higher. So we should see the intersection of Ethereum and Bitcoin in the future. I think it turned out almost 0.08 BTC. It fell backwards… 0.07 BTC. I think when it goes through 0.08 BTC, it will be a signal for the next stage of this whole crypto market, which is usually the reward stage. “

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