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Bitcoin discounts – The Gemini platform announced on Tuesday the imminent launch of its own credit card, which will allow you to spend cryptocurrency and receive rewards in cash back in the form of Bitcoin (BTC) or any other cryptocurrency available on the Gemini platform.

When Gemini Introduces Bitcoins to Mastercard

Mastercard North America President Linda Kirkpatrick said the financial services company glad to offer more choice clients, in particular through cash back

MasterCard will be an exclusive network gemini card… It’s about first partnership of MasterCard with company cryptocurrency for a credit card.

“Our work with Gemini builds on this position, combining consumer needs with next-generation assets and delivering a revolutionary experience that is redefining the future of card rewards and benefits.”

Co-founder of Gemini, Tyler Winklevoss, also said that credit cards in crypto were a good way to give users point of entry in space cryptocurrency without them change your habits existing costs.

BUT cash back improved

The card will work like classic credit cardthat is, users will receive a line of credit based on factors such as their income and credit rating. Then they can spend to the limit line of credit and will have to repay the amounts due, possibly with interest. Twins n / a not announced yet information about the credit line and interest shares.

Credit card with which you can get up to 3% rewards in bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, should be launched this summer in 50 US states… She will be accepted everywhere where Mastercard is accepted, Gemini said. Its availability in the rest of the world will be discussed later.

Cardholders will have to spend USD to receive bitcoin rewards or one of the over 30 cryptocurrencies available on Gemini. In terms of qualification categories, cardholders will receive discount up to 3% Sure food, 2% discount on goods grocery store as well as Discount 1% for other purchases indicated Twins

The awards will be proposed in “in real time”, the company said, which means that cardholders will receive their awards. during the transaction, instead of the monthly rewards provided by some other companies.

Cryptocurrencies are criticized a lot. They are especially criticized for being too distant from the real economy. This type of partnership is changing the mindset by integrating cryptocurrencies into everyday life.

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