Bitcoin: He throws away his hard drive with 165 million euros, then uses robot dogs to search the landfill.

In 2013, James Howells mistakenly threw away his hard drive containing the password to a wallet containing 8,000 bitcoins. Thus, today this disc is worth millions of euros, which the investor intends to return. To do this, he plans to dig up the junkyard where the disc is located from top to bottom, even if that means using robotic dogs.

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James Howells is one of those investors who were at the forefront of the cryptocurrency boom. In 2013, the latter already holds 8,000 bitcoins, which today is equivalent to more than 165 million euros. Hence, a certain amount that James Howells still decides to throw (literally) in the trash. Indeed, for some reason he doesn’t explain, he decides to get rid of his hard drive containing his wallet password.

These stories of investors losing their powers are now commonplace. More or less significant losses arising are most often calculated at least several tens of thousands of euros. The phenomenon is so widespread that it has even become a lucrative market for hackers, who now do not hesitate to offer their services to guess the famous password. James Howells has a more radical idea in mind.

He spends thousands of euros to get millions back

It is inevitable that now the investor is trying with all his might to restore his hard drive. And he certainly has the means. James Howells is convinced that the hard drive is now in a huge landfill in Newport, Wales. His plan is relatively simple: to explore every square centimeter of the area, hoping to stumble upon a baby in the midst of 110,000 tons of garbage.

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For this, James Howells spares no expense. In total, he plans to pay almost 11 million euros to Newport City Council for permission to search the landfill. Next, he plans to hire several workers to comb the area, as well as specialists in artificial intelligence, waste management and data recovery.

That’s not all. James Howells also purchased two robotic dogs from Boston Dynamics, each costing $74,500. Only now the investor has not received permission to excavate from Newport. “His proposals pose a significant environmental risk that we cannot accept and that the terms of our permit do not allow us to consider,” the municipal council explained.

Source: Business Insider

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