Bitcoin Insensitive to Crypto Winter: 85% of BTC Buyers Are US Institutions

Bull Hour – A recent report attempts to prove that Bitcoin (BTC) is still of interest to US institutions despite the bear market. The numbers listed there for this purpose will also show that the crypto markets may even be on the verge of another bull run.

Retail Investors vs Organizations: It’s a Matter of Time

A January 27 report by crypto platform Matrixport attempts to profile top crypto investors based on periods when crypto is “performing well.”

An asset that can be traded 24 hours a day mostly registers growth during US trading hours, when US institutions are the main buyers. On the other hand, an asset that rises mostly during Asian trading hours is more likely to be bought by retail investors in Asia.

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US Institutions Behind Bitcoin’s Bullish Recovery

The Matrixport report highlights that the price of bitcoin has jumped 40% this year. A 35% increase would have occurred during US trading. These facts tend to prove that US investors have contributed 85% to a bullish recovery since early 2023.

Specifically, based on previous assumptions, U.S. institutions will make up a significant portion of the buyers behind the recent rise in bitcoin, which hit a local high of around $23,800.

Soon the beginning of a new bull for the crypto market?

Speaking to news outlet Cointelegraph, Matrixport’s head of research and strategy, Markus Thielen, said the data will be proof that institutions are “not giving up on crypto.” The fall of industry giants such as Celsius, Three Arrows Capital, and FTX has not turned these investors away from crypto.

The Matrixport executive also believes these numbers could signal the potential start of a “crypto bull market now.” Additionally, Markus Thielen sees these statistics as a sign that institutions typically buy bitcoin first before acquiring other cryptocurrencies.

This Matrixport report is not the only study that concludes that institutions have not turned their backs on cryptocurrencies during these bear markets. This study by Coinbase also confirms the appetite of institutional investors for digital assets despite the bear market.

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