Bitcoin investors grab money, fear and greed index at 16-month high

Dalmas Ngetich, March 18, 2023, 4:16 am bitcoin

Bitcoin’s fear and greed index has risen to 64 in 16 months as investors seem confident in the benefits of the coin.

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According to the March 18 brand analysis, it looks like investors are actually “greedy” and also want to buy additional coins and take advantage of the much higher market. The work program is convinced of the commendable performance of Bitcoin (BTC) over the past two investment periods.

Bitcoin Traders Are Greedy, Fear Greed Index Hits 16 Month High - 1

The Fear and Greed Index is actually a measure of confidence in cryptocurrencies, which is highly respected by investors and entrepreneurs. Unlike other social resource ranks, cryptocurrencies and bitcoin can be driven by noise.

Depending on the market situation, there may be a loss-of-loss (FOMO) alarm when investors assume that bitcoin is outperforming the market. In the meantime, there are indeed worries, worries and questions (FUD) in the discouraged forms defined by reservoir resource costs. This can easily trigger a lower cost proposal.

Established on March 18, BTC actually changes the palm with a total of $27,000, business has grown over 35% over the last investment period in less than a full week. Bitcoin’s rapid rise is linked to a series of key events that have spooked the traditional money management markets, demanding funds for censorship-resistant and untrustworthy assets, typically Bitcoin, as well as various other crypto assets, including Ethereum (ETH).

banking problems. Cryptocurrency spending in the US has risen

Following updates from the bank managing Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and the closure of Signature Bank, crypto condemnation quickly shifted from FUD to FOMO as bitcoin soared from $19,700 to over $1,000 upon inception.

The concern about the failure of the entire market and the fact that the Federal Reserve, the Reserve Bank of the United States, is offering a guarantee to fight financial institutions, really says what they are actually going to do to facilitate, support the bullish growth of cryptocurrencies and bitcoins.

This study should also take the analysis of fear and greed much higher. During the last uptrend in November 2021, when Bitcoin peaked at over $69,000, the analysis stopped at 2021. Let this analysis be definitely out of date, despite the fact that coins investing more than fifty percent higher are really only for calculations.

On the daily charts, Bitcoin has actually bottomed and is also trading above the February 2023 and August 2023 highs, up 74% from the November 2022 lows.

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