Bitcoin Millionaire for a Brief – This YouTube Influencer Continues to Believe It

This star is playing on the bitcoin roller coaster – Despite a decade of existence, Bitcoin (BTC) is still a young asset that is far from being found. its stabilization rate. Its price volatility remains high, and fortunes can be created and destroyed rather quickly. IN However, rapper KSI remains confident even though he has lost everything he has won.

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IN Classes Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market are real emotional elevators… Price fluctuations can be significant, often reaching tens of percent in a very short time (both up and down).

Youtuber and rapper KSI joyfully and then painfully suffered from these fluctuations in BTC and cryptocurrencies. As he admitted in an interview with the British media The Independent, he invested £ 2 million (about 2.3 million euros) in bitcoins and cryptocurrencies from late November to early December 2020.

The web star, followed by millions of subscribers, explains that more than threefold amount invested in just a few months, reaching £ 7 million (about 8 million euros), before lose his earnings:

“(…) I was lucky with 7 million pounds, but I had to be smart and get this money in paper money, and then wait for everything to fall and come back again (…) This adventure was an attempt, but I had to live it … I had to really dive into this crypto community, and, you know, now I fully understand it. “

KSI is optimistic about the future of cryptocurrency

Despite losing money, youtuber is still thinking; not only that Bitcoin “Here to Stay”but also this “this is the future” money world.

Although this is let go In terms of the bull market, KSI believes that the king of cryptocurrency is far from his last word on pricing. The rapper is still convinced that sooner or later, BTC will definitely fall. 100,000 dollars and that he won’t be surprised to see “Bitcoin for $ 500,000 or even Bitcoin for $ 1 Million”adding, very confidently, “This is what will happen”even if it should take “5, 10, 15 or 20 years old”

Even though it was a hard lesson for him, KSI says at the end that he now understands that “While the market is bearish, you should invest.”

Our youtuber also seems to have fully understood that not only is Bitcoin “not controlled by any central bank,” but that it is not subject to inflation, unlike fiat currencies. If KSI already had a cold sweat due to fluctuations in BTC, then it was even worse for another “flash millionaire” who bet on Dogecoin (DOGE).

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