Bitcoin Miners’ Council slams the door on Elon Musk

Another billionaire will be banned from Twitter ?Elon Musk has “one foot in front of the other outward” enough to annoy the cryptosphere with his tweets, which are often considered manipulative and opportunistic. Bitcoiners are still struggling to digest his criticism of Bitcoin (BTC). They don’t want to go to the same circle with the billionaire, so Bitcoin mining tip (BMC) had to clarify the situation.

Who needs a BMC head?

He doesn’t like it, but he must have posted a question about it in the FAQ on his site. No, Elon Musk Don’t be part of of Bitcoin mining tip… BMC’s mission is to ” promote transparency, share best practices and educate the public about the benefits of bitcoin and bitcoin mining “However, any minor who wishes to help BMC fulfill its mission can join the group for free.

This is a clarification of this not membership from billionaire to BMVS necessary because Musk has planted seeds of doubt in the minds of bitcoiners with his tweet dated May 24, which says:

” [J’ai] discussed with North American bitcoin miners. They promised to publish the current and planned use of renewable energy sources and ask WW miners to do so. Potentially promising. “

Publication by Elon Musk – Source: Twitter

Time level perfect to cause trouble in the minds of BTC miners. But Musk actually makes him interesting again, perhaps by trying correct the error which made him an outcast for criticizing the environmental impact of the dominant BTC mining model.

BMC is conference-born organized in May 2021 by the CEO of MicroStrategy, Michael Saylor, and in which many North American miners took part. The event was attended by executives from mining giants such as Argo, Block Cap, Core Scientific, Galaxy Digital, Hive, Hut8, Marathon and Riot, Sailor said.

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Is Bitcoin greener than Tesla?

In theory, in the long term, this transparency promoted by BMC should allow the share of renewable energy used by miners and the actual levelconsumed energy by mining BTC.

Elon Musk was instrumental in legitimizing the idea that Bitcoin pollutes the environment, canceling your decision to accept payments in BTC for the purchase of Tesla vehicles. The billionaire justified his 180-degree turn with environmental concerns.

Cryptophiles were furious after this speech, they even urged the cryptosphere to sign a petition for Deny Tesla founder access to bitcoin.

Transparency of blockchain operation, we cannot “do more logic”. In any case, Elon Musk cannot accuse El Salvador of wanting to mine Bitcoin using geothermal energy.

However, it is difficult to get Elon Musk to lose his keen interest in bitcoin. If you, like him, want to learn about the queen of cryptocurrencies and start trading your first Satoshi, do not hesitate to test the FTX testing platform.

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