Bitcoin or Ripple? The distinction this U.S. Treasury veteran makes does not pass

Bitcoin, just to speculate? – Former United States Treasurer Rosie Rios offers an update on Twitter. After joining Ripple’s Board of Directors last May, the latter criticizes Bitcoin (BTC) for being just a tool for speculation.

Sweet irony: when Ripple executives criticize Bitcoin

As the showdown between Ripple and the SEC continues, with the US regulator refusing to bow, Rosie Rios ignites the crypto tweet with a divisive tweet. She was Treasurer of the United States from 2009 to 2016, under the Obama administration. Oversaw all activities related to coin and coin production, with an annual budget of $ 5 billion.

After joining Ripple’s board of directors in May 2021, he took to Twitter on Sunday to reiterate his confidence in XRP, while criticizing other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. We can say that she will not have waited long for people to talk about her:

“XRP’s main goal is to facilitate cross-border payments, while other cryptos find their value in speculation. China’s latest move puts this issue back in the spotlight. “

Post by Rosie Rios – Source: Twitter

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Rios shoots himself in the foot

Amid the ongoing legal battle between Ripple and regulators, seeing a former US treasurer and Ripple board member express her support for XRP in such a way, by criticizing BTC so harshly, is not to please the crypto community.

Ríos argued that jurisdictions like China are now cracking down on Bitcoin because cryptocurrencies like this would provide nothing more than a tool for speculation. In criticizing Bitcoin, I would just like to highlight Ripple and its payment ecosystem, RippleNet:

“Blockchain and cryptocurrencies will support our future global financial systems (…) [Ripple est] one of the best examples of how to use cryptocurrencies in a legitimate role to facilitate payments on a global scale. “

Ríos also showed extreme originality, expressing concern that cryptocurrencies remain tools for criminal actors:

“There is still a lot of work to be done to really find out what is behind the curtain, how the blockchain really works, how cryptocurrencies are sadly used to finance the dark web and other illicit activities. “

Appeared in 2012, Ripple is a distributed open source protocol and transfer system created by the American company Ripple Labs. The company offers a number of cross-border payment solutions, as well as participating in central bank digital currency (MNBC) projects. .

Earlier this year, another Ripple executive, Matt Hamilton, also insisted that the XRP ecosystem incorporated a similarly decentralized enhancement to Bitcoin. Between optimism or blindness? The question still arises.

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