Crypto site was momentarily transformed into a deadly crypto trap

Fraud alert! – is the first educational site that sought to understand what Bitcoin is (and how it works), to facilitate its adoption. It was originally started by Satoshi Nakamoto himself, the creator of BTC. Unfortunately, since last July, the site appears to be the preferred target of hackers, and one of them has finally managed to temporarily take over.

2 BTC promised for 1 BTC sent = scam

While Cøbra, the current operator of, already had to endure DDoS (denial of service) attacks on its site in July this year, this time things have taken an even more serious turn.

This Thursday, September 23, the Twitter account @francispouliot_ was one of the first to report the attack: a hacker managed to place a raffle scam on the main page of, that is, a scam asking victims to send bitcoins . promising that they will get more in return. Obviously, the unlucky ones who fell for the trap never get anything afterwards.

Unfortunately, that’s what happened here, as a message stated that the first 10,000 visitors to who sent bitcoins (to the scammer’s address) would receive twice as much.

Giveaway Scam Promotion Placed On Site – Source:

Cøbra himself quickly confirmed the situation on Twitter, saying that “ has been compromised,” and that he was looking to find out how hackers set up his scam.

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The thief had time to kill 9 people

Despite the fact that since then the situation has been back under control, with a site that appears to be functioning normally, the damage has already been done. The BitcoinExchangeGuide site reports that 9 transactions had time to go to the scammer’s address, for a total of 0.4057 BTC which, of course, were immediately transferred elsewhere.

Only one of the victims transferred the sum of 0.4 BTC, which at the time of writing is almost $ 17,000. After an initial investigation, Cøbra indicated that the attack appeared to stem from the exploitation of a flaw in the DNS of the site.

The year 2021 will not have been easy for Cøbra and the flagship Bitcoin site. It will be remembered that it began in January with the forced withdrawal of the white paper of Satoshi Nakamoto, due to the judicial process of Craig Wright, alias Faketoshi. Fortunately, the BTC whitepaper was subsequently made available by many others, such as the Estonian and Colombian government sites or the Miami city hall in Florida.

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