Bitcoin: the company offers to store your cryptocurrencies in a secret safe

The American company offers a new ultra-secure solution for storing your bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. Through a partnership with a firm specializing in this sector, the group allows you to hide a copy of your hardware wallet containing your digital assets in a safe whose location is kept secret.

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To store your cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin or Ether, you need to open a digital wallet on the blockchain. To secure your assets, it is recommended to invest in a cold storage solution or a hardware wallet. This wallet is in the form of a USB key. Without this physical key, it is impossible to access your currencies.

To keep your hardware wallet safe, security company Brink’s and Metaco, a Swiss cryptocurrency storage infrastructure firm, offer to hide it in a remote safe. In the event of a robbery or attack on your home, the thief will not be able to take possession of your treasure in crypto assets.

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Keeping your cryptocurrencies in a secret safe is possible

Thanks to the “global network of vaults” Brink’s offers to hide your wallet in a secret place. As part of this agreement, Metaco combines the security of its software infrastructure with Brinks’ expertise and its “end-to-end secure physical backup solution.”

This partnership also aims to allow you to recover your cryptocurrencies in the event that your hardware wallet is lost during a natural disaster such as a fire. In this case, the client creates a copy of his wallet. “Our customers have a complete disaster recovery solution,” said Seamus Donoghue, vice president of strategic alliances at Metaco. The owner can create as many copies as they wish to reduce the risk of loss.

Investors often lose access to their cryptocurrencies by mistake. Last year, we told you the story of this young man who was forced to say goodbye to over 40,000 euros in bitcoin after he forgot his wallet password. According to a study by blockchain research firm Chainalysis, 20% of the 18.5 million bitcoins already mined are also locked in permanently lost wallets.

Unsurprisingly, this ultra-secure storage solution is mainly aimed at institutional investors and companies holding large amounts of cryptocurrencies. “Our partnership adds a significant service to institutional clients to transport and store physical key backups in multiple secure vaults,” says a Brink’s manager, assuring that the company is meeting market demands.

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