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“Whales under the water – although bitcoin (BTC) price predictions – and predictions of its future bull run – are blooming in early 2023, 2022 nonetheless remains a particularly difficult year. Like all crypto investors, the richest – the “whales” – have seen the value of their cryptocurrencies melt like snow in the sun. Many are even demoted to “whale calves” or, more obviously, millionaires in less than a US dollar.

Bad times for enthusiastic investors in bitcoin and cryptoassets. With the price of the crypto king falling by -75% from its ATH (historical high) in November 2021, it will be a massacre, in particular, in relation to the number of addresses of BTC millionaires in dollar terms.

As you can see from the BitInfoCharts table below, there are currently only 24,624 bitcoin addresses that carry more than $1 million worth of cryptocurrencies. However, as Cryptopotato reminds us, just a year ago, in January 2022, there were about 100,000 addresses with an equivalent amount.

Approximately 75,000 people were ruined in 2022 by these cryptocurrency stories.

Again, be careful and balanced when buying crypto assets, invest only the money you are willing to lose.

Charles SANNAT

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