Black Ember Modular Duffel Bag

Black Ember is back on Kickstarter to launch their latest creation in the form of the DEX Modular Duffel Bag, which has already raised over $150,000 thanks to over 350 backers with 29 days to go. The ninth Black Ember campaign features modular duffel bags in different sizes as the DEX 30 and DEX 45.

Offering a classic duffel bag that can be grabbed by the handles as you move around the airport or worn as a backpack as you walk around the city. Featuring a zip closure, a magnetic key chain, side pockets and a redesign with innovative Cordura RN66 fabric, the duffel bag is a high performance waterproof bag that can hold your essential gear.

Black Ember sports bags

Sponsor upfront contributions are now available for an innovation project from around £239 to £199 (depending on current exchange rates).

Black Ember sports bags

“Black Ember is proud to be the first brand in the world to partner with Cordura on their new CORDURA re/corTM RN66. This is Cordura’s first 100% recycled nylon fabric. The code name RN66 stands for recycled nylon six. six. That rating of 66 means it’s high tenacity nylon, super strong, and it means it’s passed the brutal barrage of testing that makes Cordura woven nylon.”

Black Ember sports bags

duffel bag

Assuming the DEX funding campaign successfully hits the required target and production runs smoothly, worldwide shipping is expected to take place sometime in December 2022. To learn more about the DEX modular sports bag project, check out the promotional video below.

“This is our eighth Kickstarter campaign. Our design, development and manufacturing processes are very close, as are our relationships with our manufacturing partners. With the release of our seventh product, we are 100% confident that we will deliver your Black Ember Pack flawlessly. We put a lot of effort into developing and testing our packages. Each Black Ember Pack comes with a lifetime warranty. Our backpacks are durable, comfortable and weatherproof. We pay special attention to functional and aesthetic details. We carefully define our fabrics and accessories based on their specific performance and quality.”

Black Ember sports bags

“Black Ember is a team that works at the intersection of urban life and technical packaging design. Designed and manufactured with a focus on functional and aesthetic details. Our team has honed their design and development skills for brands like Nike and The North Face.”

For a complete list of all available support options, stretch targets, additional carriers and technical specifications for modular gym bags, visit the official DEX Crowdfunding Campaign page by clicking on the link below.

Source: Kickstarter

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