Black Friday 2022 – Microsoft Xbox Series X/S Carbon Black 5 Star Wireless Controller for €44.99 (-20%)

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Introduced with the Xbox Series X/S, the new Xbox controller looks exactly like the Xbox One controller. Behind the adage “why change a formula that works?”, there are subtle and very long-awaited improvements that we were able to appreciate …

In the absence of a very noticeable technological evolution in the transition to the Xbox Series generation, the Xbox controller remains an excellent game controller that we have enjoyed for years on Xbox One and PC. Admittedly, Microsoft’s rather timid development further enhances comfort and precision, which is enough to make this new Xbox series controller the benchmark in the field. However, we remain unhappy with the built-in vibration technologies that would benefit from those used by Nintendo and Sony on their respective official controllers.

Significant Arguments

  • Secure and comfortable grip.
  • Affordable and precise control.
  • Good workmanship.
  • Precise and comfortable guide pad.
  • Reduced latency on Xbox Series X/S.
  • Triple connection: radio, Bluetooth and USB-C.

Weak points

  • Battery and cable not included (only 2 x AA batteries).
  • Noisy guide.
  • No real technological evolution (triggers, vibrations…).

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As an alternative

Behind its retro look, the SN30 Pro+ looks modern and is suitable for games of yesteryear as well as modern games. His orders, combining tradition and modernity, are not only a disadvantage, but also a quality. Complete, it’s a good choice for those who want to play on Switch as well as PC or mobile, including retro games.

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