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Laptops and MacBooks are not the most affordable machines…they require a significant investment. However, instead of paying full price, you can save some money during Black Friday. We’ve found a few deals for you that we think are great deals, and there’s something for every budget and every need.

Also, keep in mind that Amazon automatically refunds the price difference between November 18th and November 28th. If you buy a product from an e-commerce site and there is an additional discount, you will not be affected.

Black Friday 2022: discounts on laptops

Find the best Black Friday laptop deals of the week below:

Huawei MateBook D15 costs 499.99 euros instead of 781 on Amazon. [-36%]

Huawei MateBook D 15

This MacBook-like laptop has a modest entry-level configuration but enough for everyday tasks. Its large 15-inch screen is also a plus for multitasking. However, we regret that it weighs 1.54 kg on the scales, which can be a concern for most nomads. However, at such a low-key price, it’s hard to resist it (too much).

Microsoft Surface 4 laptop – 15 inches for 1099 euros instead of 1301 on Amazon [-15%]

This is a modest redesign of Microsoft’s 2021 laptop, with the latest Intel and AMD processors as the highlight. We tested the top 15-inch model, and unsurprisingly, it’s the twin brother of the 15-inch Surface Laptop 3 with better performance and the same flaws.

Other interesting laptop deals

Whether you’re a PC gamer, a budget Chromebook, or a premium OLED PC…there’s plenty to choose from and great promotions:

Black Friday 2022: Best deals on Mac

Find the best deals on Apple MacBooks below:

Apple MacBook Air 2022 priced at 1299 euros instead of 1499 euros on Amazon [-13%]

New colors, improved performance, bigger screen, better webcam… But a much sharper addition to the key.

Apple MacBook Air M1 costs 998.50 euros instead of 1129 euros. on Amazon [-17%]

Apple MacBook Air 2020 (M1)

Of the three new Mac M1s, the 13-inch MacBook Air is the most different from its predecessor. The cooling fan has been replaced with an aluminum radiator. A major evolution is made possible by the very efficient operation of the M1 processor, which generates less heat and even outperforms high-end Intel Macs. The M1 chip on the MacBook Air is almost identical to the chip on the MacBook Pro. That’s a huge argument in favor of a MacBook Air over a Pro if you’re looking for better performance at a limited price. The most recommended MacBook this year.

Shops in Black Friday Mode

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