Black Friday: big promotion on Xbox Series S for only 219 €

We’ve officially entered Black Friday week as shopping sites in France definitely don’t like to respect the actual Black Friday hours. This means that instead of an exceptional day of promotions, we are entitled to a whole week of offers, which is ultimately not bad for your Christmas shopping more relaxed. After we’ve brought you our selection of the best deals for this Black Friday, here’s a pretty incredible deal for the Xbox Series S.

Where to find Xbox Series S at the best price?

We’re no longer introducing the Xbox Series S. While it may have looked dated compared to the Xbox Series X at launch, it quickly proved to be a great performer and, above all, the perfect console for those who just want to take advantage of the amazing Xbox. gamepass. Initially displayed at a price of 300 €, it was already a good plan to take advantage of the new generation at low prices.

But today’s offer makes the console even more attractive. You can now find the Xbox Series S for just 219 euros at Electro Dépôt. Yes, it’s cheaper than the Nintendo Switch, meaning this offer is arguably one of the best Black Friday 2022 deals of all time.

Buy Xbox Series S at Electro Depot

Because stocks can quickly run out, you’ll also find the Xbox Series S on sale on Fnac, this time for €229. A small gap that can be quickly filled if you have an Fnac + card.

Buy Xbox Series S on Fnac

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