Black Panther game reportedly in development

From the looks of it, another Marvel Universe will get the rights to its own version of the video game. The Black Panther game is indeed in development.

The recent San Diego Comic Con brought a lot of news from Marvel film and television productions. Following these announcements, another slightly more unofficial announcement has just appeared: it concerns a possible game based on the Black Panther universe.

Black Panther game published by EA?

The news comes from Jeff Grubb (specifically via Giant Bomb). And so we will take it with a grain of salt, especially since the journalist’s statement about the cancellation of Roller Champions was denied by Ubisoft. However, in this case, Grubb seems to be especially informed, as evidenced by a number of elements he has.

The game will be published by Electronic Arts and is to be overseen by EA’s new Seattle studio led by Kevin Stevens, a former Monolith VP who led Middle-earth: Shadow of War, among other things. When he joined the new structure in May 2021, the latter confirmed that an action adventure was in development. So what is Black Panther supposed to be like?

Thus, according to the information, the name is currently at the very beginning of its development, at an “early stage” and will be tentatively called “Project Rainer”. As part of the desire to create a production in the style of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, it will be a solo open-world adventure in which the player will have to embody the personality destined to become Black Panther and thus succeed in his late predecessor.

It now remains for the main stakeholders to make a decision on this issue.


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