Blackmagic Design ATEM microphone transducer £355

This week, Blackmagic Design’s engineers and design team unveiled their latest creations, the first of which is ATEM’s new microphone transducer. Designed to make it easy to add multiple microphones or external audio mixers, the ATEM microphone transducer features a familiar transducerbased design that has room for the analog electronics required for highquality analogtodigital audio conversion (ADC).

The converter also includes a MADI input that is used to loop multiple converters when you need more than 4 channels of audio on a single MADI channel. MADI, or MultiChannel Digital Audio Interface, is a multichannel audio communications standardized as AES10 by the Audio Engineering Society (AES) and defines a data format for an interface for multiple channels of digital audio. The MADI output of the ATEM microphone transducer combines 4 analog inputs as MADI channels 1, 2, 3 and 4.

ATEM Microphone Converter

“Now it’s easy to expand the MADI input on ATEM switchers so you can add multiple microphones or external audio mixers. The ATEM microphone transducer simply plugs into the ATEM Television Studio’s MADI port, so no complex setup is required, and you can even daisychain additional devices for more sources. Each transducer has 4 analog inputs with 48V phantom power, which can be selected between mic and line inputs. The design features amazing sound quality with extremely low noise, wide dynamic range and very low distortion. The design even uses 8 separate ADCs on each separate input, working together to expand the dynamic range! There is also an HDMI monitoring output with audio scrolling.

ATEM Microphone Converter

“It has combo XLR/TRS inputs that allow you to connect XLR or jack cables. It also includes a converted audio MADI output as well as a MADI input that allows you to daisychain multiple ATEM microphone transducers so that more than 4 channels of audio can be built into a single MADI connection. There is also a 12V DC power connection, as well as USB and Ethernet for remote administration and software updates. The switches allow you to control the levels of the microphone / line audio input and turn on phantom power.

Source: MDB

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