Blank, Crédit Agricole’s response to neobanks for professionals

New to the neobank ecosystem, the start-up Blank wants to convince independent professionals. Led by Paul-Henri Blaiset and Simon Parisot, the offer of this new Paris-based fintech is available on the AppStore and Google Play stores.

After having developed its offer within La Fabrique by CA, the startup studio of the Crédit Agricole Group, the fintech presented its product in June 2020. After a test with around a hundred professionals, Blank is now accessible to French independents.

It targets more specifically freelancers and craftsmen with the aim of reducing “the mental burden weighing on the self-employed“, particularly in terms of administrative formalities, and respond to”the loneliness that one can feel in the face of accounting and administrative demands“.

4 million professionals in France
Blank offers a professional account with a management tools card, starting at 7 euros per month. It offers management services for quotes, invoices, banking aggregation and accounting exports. It also offers messaging 7 days a week. The offer is supplemented by professional insurance (hospitalization compensation, doubling of the manufacturer’s guarantee, guarantees in the event of professional travel, reimbursement of non-compliant or non-delivered orders, etc.).

With the aim of taking on all the accounting and legal aspects of business life, Blank will be enriched from the first semester of a factoring service, payment terminals, the online creation of his micro-enterprise. , cashing checks and scanning expense reports. In the summer of 2021, the start-up plans to expand its offer with additional services such as the development of a desktop environment for the payment account, in addition to the mobile.

Craftsmen, freelancers or platform workers, such as VTC drivers and delivery people, according to INSEE, 4 million professionals are concerned. The French nugget Qonto understood the opportunity to launch itself on the market 4 years ago and to date claims more than 120,000 client companies. As for Memo Bank, supported by Marc Ménasé, Xavier Niel, Marc Simoncini and Jacques-Antoine Granjon, it targets companies with at least 2 million turnover per year and with more than 10 employees, i.e. some 150,000 small and medium-sized enterprises in France.

Aude Chardenon


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