Bleak Faith: Forsaken available on Steam

Black Faith: Forsaken

Prepare to die and start over. Bleak Faith: Forsaken, a brutal RPG from Archangel Studios, launches today on Steam for $29.99. Explore a ruthless, interconnected world filled with ferocious creatures and mind-boggling bosses. Take up arms and go beyond all limits. Even on the verge of a glorious death, victory is always near.

Developed by three people, Bleak Faith: Forsaken marks an exciting new take on the genre. With a combat system to suit all playstyles, success requires a balance of positioning and timing. However, how players approach each encounter is their only decision. Whether it’s wiping out enemies from the shadows with a pair of daggers, reaching for the sky to unleash a rain of arrows, or scaling the backs of giants and bosses with a sword in melee mode, a deep class and perk system encourages a versatile approach. to fight without limits.

Travel through the atmospheric lands of the Omnistructure, an extraordinary handcrafted world filled with the mysteries of a forgotten history. Solve the mysteries of a lost civilization and find vital equipment in the most unexpected places. Research is key and there is no single path to the end goal. Run, jump and climb uncharted places and get ready to meet what awaits at the end of each path.

Enter the unshakable lands of the Omnistructure. Bleak Faith: Forsaken is out today on Steam for $29.99. Players can take advantage of a special 10% discount for the entire launch week. Archangel Studios is actively listening to feedback and would love to hear from players as they begin their journey.

Main characteristics:

  • A rich exploration of a crafted and interconnected world.
  • Run, jump and climb the omnistructure.
  • The balance between positioning, timing, and resource management creates a combat system that is both rewarding and brutal.
  • Hundreds of unique weapons and gear to unlock and combine as you see fit, nothing gets old.
  • An in-depth class and perk system providing an extensive combat experience.
  • No restrictions on approaching enemies
  • Bosses and tall enemies can be scaled.
  • Sensational boss battles in enchanting arenas accompanied by enchanting music.
  • die and try again



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