Blockchain Academy Launches Course on Investing in Crypto Assets

Blockchain Academy (BA) This week kicks off its first project after being bought by Group 2TM, a crypto ecosystem that brings together Mercado Bitcoin, Meubank and MBDA, among others.

Aimed at novice investors and those interested in working in the world of digital currencies, the online course Cryptoactive investments it lasts seven hours and can be completed in a maximum of six months.

The training is divided into three blocks. First, Introduction and basic principles, brings basic concepts to the world of cryptocurrencies with topics such as blockchain, mining, inflation and bitcoin, altcoins, monetary history. This stage of the course is taught by BA Education Specialist Vinicius Chagas.

The specialist Umberto Andrade, for his part, is in charge of the topic. Invest in crypto assets in the second block of the course. It discusses investment volatility and what to consider when investing. It should be noted that this module includes the main content and helps the student analyze charts, understand volatility and investment categories (fixed income x variable). Within this block, there is also a teaching about the world of exchanges and the demystification of the pyramid system.

At the last stage Invest in digital assetsUnder the guidance of 2TM Director Fabricio Tota, important topics are discussed for those who want to invest. You will be able to understand what tokens and NFT are, how the tokenization process is carried out and its stages, as well as learn about digital storage.

“Our goal is to democratize education and provide access to quality financial education to as many people as possible,” explains Fabio Moraes, Director of Blockchain Academy.

The BRL 299 course, which can be divided into three parts, is a great tool for anyone looking to learn more about the cryptocurrency market and how to work with it.

At the end of all modules there will be a place for questions and comments from trainers. Registration can be done on the website:

Tasting and additional information – On June 15 at 9:00 am, the course will be streamed live on the Blockchain Academy YouTube profile ( The event is attended by instructors Vinicius Chagas, Umberto Andrade and Fabricio Tota.

Umberto Andrade he is a crypto asset trader and a new business analyst in the bitcoin market. Graduated from the Faculty of Accounting and majored in Management Control and Finance at the Catholic University of Pernambuco (UNICAP), he is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Digital Accounting at the Computer Center of the Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE).

Fabrice Tota is the Director of Bitcoin Market and 2TM. With over twenty years of market experience, he graduated in Administration, Microeconomics, Marketing and Finance from the University of São Paulo (USP).

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