Blockchain against political corruption in India – local tribes are experimenting with a test site

Blockchain doesn’t lie – the use cases for cryptocurrencies and the technologies behind them are huge. And there is much more to be imagined. A use we wouldn’t necessarily think of is for the caste system of India. To prevent fraud in the Polygon (MATIC) network, an experiment was conducted with a blockchain certificate.

Experience of distributed ledgers for fraud prevention in India

Short preamble, neither the principle nor the ethics of the Indian caste system will be discussed here, it is actually a reality in a country of 1.4 billion people. These rules obviously include fraud monitoring.

According to the Indian Express, an experiment in the Indian state of Maharashtra aims to prevent fraudulent applications for government benefits for the poor.

Shubham Gupta, an employee of the Indian administrative services, thus imagined a “caste certificate” issued through the Polygon blockchain. In the form of a unique and personal non-fungible token (NFT). The official also wanted to avoid consideration of the recent case of a politician who fraudulently allotted tribal lands to himself on a false (paper) caste certificate.

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65,000 blockchain certificates to distribute, for starters!

As mentioned above, these caste certificates are administrative documents. They are required to access various government programs, including grants/aid.

Thus, the Maharashtra state’s initial pilot project plans to issue these e-caste certificates to more than 65,000 members of local tribes. But the ultimate goal of this Indian administration is more ambitious. It hopes to eventually reach 1.1 million people suffering from economic hardship.

“Everyone thinks that development is about providing basic livelihoods such as food, bamboo for shelter, a cow or a goat (…), but no one has thought of impartial justice for them, probably because people here are not tech-savvy . (…)”

Shubham Gupta, Maharashtra Administration

The experiment is being done in partnership with LegitDoc, whose co-founder explains Polygon’s decision to make these certificates “impossible to forge and easy to verify.”

To demonstrate how diverse the use cases for cryptoassets and their innovations can be, from one end of the world to the other, remember that Walt Disney recently became interested in the MATIC network. Indeed, Polygon has joined the Disney Accelerator program of America’s largest entertainment company.

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