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Blockchain development is one of the most popular career opportunities in the IT industry. Jobs Web3 in 2022. With the wider adoption of blockchain, the demand for Web3 coding skills is also growing. If you want to become a developer, you might be wondering: what is the salary of a blockchain developer? And what are the types of coding jobs in Web3 companies?

In this guide, we will tell you how much a typical blockchain developer earns. We will also explain what exactly a blockchain developer does, what types of jobs are in the industry, and whether blockchain development is a good career. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the heart of the matter!

How much do you get paid for 3 web encoder jobs? We explain all the intricacies of the role and salary of a blockchain developer.

What is Blockchain?

For the uninitiated, a blockchain is a decentralized and distributed database used to store and organize digital information. Although blockchains have many applications, they are widely recognized as the mainstream technology for cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

What does a blockchain developer do?

First of all, what exactly does it mean to be a blockchain developer? Essentially, blockchain development is the development, maintenance, and design of blockchain applications and protocols. In other words, a blockchain developer uses blockchain technology to create applications such as decentralized applications (dApps) and protocols. smart contracts.

The last point is especially important in the context of NFTs. In short, smart contracts are digital contracts written in code and stored on a blockchain. They are designed to automatically fulfill the terms of an agreement between the various parties involved. This is just one example of innovative blockchain development applications.

Is blockchain developer a good career in 2022?

Although blockchain is still in its infancy, it is making its way into a lot of industries. These include banking and financial services, healthcare, retail, IT and automotive, just to name a few. As a result, reports predict that the global blockchain technology market will be worth $69 billion by 2030, up from about $4.8 billion in 2021. As a result, naturally, the demand for blockchain developers is also skyrocketing.

If you are looking for a lucrative career in a growing industry, blockchain is definitely a great choice for a tech career. As is the case with most emerging labor sectors, blockchain is also suffering from a shortage of skilled and qualified professionals. So, you have a great opportunity to use this disadvantage and effectively advance your career.

Is a job as a blockchain developer right for you? 1 credit

How much can a blockchain developer earn?

Indeed, an important factor in any career is the juicy part: how much will I be paid? While there are many factors to consider, let’s break them down. So what is the exact salary of a blockchain developer?

Newbies with less than a year of experience can probably expect a blockchain developer salary of up to $120,000 per year, according to reports. In contrast, experienced developers with 2-4 years of software experience and less than a year of blockchain technology experience can expect to earn around $124,000 per year.

On the other hand, more advanced developers with 2-4 years of software experience can earn an annual salary of around $143,000. Finally, those with around 6-10 years of software experience and 2-4 years of blockchain technology experience earn significantly more. This is often around $153,000 per year.

To summarize, the salary of a blockchain developer is usually around $100,000 per year. The minimum base salary is around $50,000 and the maximum is around $180,000.

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Developer salaries by continent

While blockchain developers generally make a good living around the world, some places are more generous with coding than others.

While this is only a rough measure, these statistics will give you an idea of ​​the difference in web3 developer salaries.

  • Blockchain developer annual salary in North America = $120,000 – $200,000.
  • Oceania Blockchain Developer Yearly Salary = 85,000 – 120,000
  • Blockchain Europe Developer Annual Salary = $73,000 – $130,000
  • Blockchain Developer Annual Salary in South America = $42,000-$48,000.
  • Blockchain Developer Annual Salary in Asia = 41,000 – 100,000
  • Blockchain Developer Annual Salary in Africa = $27,000 – $45,000.

Of course, as a blockchain developer, you can also work remotely! If you are considering starting the life of a digital nomad, you can still earn between $100,000 and $180,000 a year as a blockchain developer.

Blockchain developer job types

To be a good developer, you need to have a good knowledge of data structures and cryptography. Generally speaking, there are two types of blockchain developer jobs.

The main role and responsibilities of a blockchain developer: those who develop and maintain the architecture and security of blockchain systems. To explain, they design protocols, implement various blockchain features, and control the network.

Role and Responsibilities of a Blockchain Software Developer: Blockchain software developers create and modify applications on pre-existing networks. This means that they develop the front-end or back-end of dApps, smart contracts, APIs, etc.

However, this is an oversimplification. In fact, the possibilities for web developers are almost endless.

5 web3 encoder examples

While we can’t mention them all, here is a short list of jobs you could do in Web3 coding.

1. NFT smart contract developer

Smart contract developers develop, write, test, and deploy smart contracts. In short, they are the wizards of your NFT project. They define the reaction conditions for that token on the blockchain using a code.

2. Developer of smart contracts of fungible tokens

Do you remember your favorite shitcoin? Well, the developer too. Creating tokens on the blockchain can be a profitable business. Maybe you will work for the next DogeCoin. Web3 companies launching tokens need programming skills and often post job ads on Linkedin.

3. NFT games and metaverses

Blockchain games are booming, and so are the job opportunities for blockchain game developers. Have you ever wanted to work on a game? This might be your chance. Web3 and the metaverse are in desperate need of qualified developers. Whether game mechanics are your forte or you simply prefer to work on fixing bugs, there are plenty of web coding jobs in game development.

4. Development of cryptocurrency exchanges

Cryptocurrency exchange coding includes error correction, crypto security, and more. As the heart of the cryptocurrency industry, exchanges provide countless jobs for web3 professionals. Of course, this includes development work, which means you will never be out of a job.

5. Rewards for mistakes

While not a job per se, you can also make money with Bug Bounty. Basically, you spend your time looking for security holes in the web3 project, and often they pay you a hefty reward. However, this is not guaranteed, and some white hat hackers ended up with an empty wallet after an incredibly dangerous discovery.

How to become a blockchain developer

If you are interested in web business programming, start by learning the basics. Gradually, you can move on to programming, smart contracts, and other advanced areas. Remember that your blockchain developer salary will depend heavily on your skills. So get started ASAP!

If you are interested in the blockchain developer salary, it is time to evaluate your skills and brush up on your knowledge. At the most basic level, you will need:

  • Sufficient knowledge in the field of computer science.
  • Good mathematical ability
  • Knowledge of blockchain architecture, such as various consensus protocols.

Web3 development course for beginners

Then obviously you will need to know programming. In short, here is our step-by-step guide to success:

  • Start blockchain developer courses to learn the basics.
  • Start coding. Learn the main languages ​​used to write code in web3. Please note that different blockchains use different languages.
  • Practice makes perfect
  • Get a job as a web3 developer.
  • It really can be that simple. But you will have to do your part.

    What programming languages ​​do blockchain developers use?

    First of all, for any coding job, it’s always good to learn a few popular programming languages ​​like Python and NodeJS. For the frontend, web3 developers often use React and Next js as their primary coding languages. That being said, there are many more tools a developer can have up their sleeve. It’s up to you to decide which web3 coding jobs you might like.

    Of course, you’ll want to attack the language of your chosen string. For Ethereum and Polygon, this is Solidity. Solidity is extremely common in smart contract development. Next, Solana uses more traditional programming languages ​​such as C and Rust. Learning these languages ​​is easy with online resources. There are many documents to read about each of them – your job as a web3 programmer is only a few studies away.

    In conclusion, a blockchain developer is a great job with a good salary, but it may not be easy to get one. Those with programming knowledge may already have the skills to succeed. In the meantime, newcomers should start with caution – once on the channel, then forever. This is why good coding pays so well. In addition, the attitude of the programming community towards Web3 is constantly changing. One day they may even accept us as their own.

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