Blockchain Development: 6 Unique Evaluation Criteria to Apply When Choosing a Crypto Game Development Company

An innovative use case for Blockchain Development is its application in the development of crypto games. One of the disadvantages of traditional video games is that they are centralized and not all elements and skills are applicable elsewhere. Luckily, Blockchain development has introduced crypto games that solve this problem. The crypto games under development have become popular and many companies have emerged offering blockchain development services in games.

Are you looking for a crypto game developer? In this case, it is important to make sure that the professional has the necessary skills. Here we will look at the main technical skills that you value when choosing a Crypto game development company.

What is Crypto Gaming in blockchain development?

Blockchain-based games are video games that use aspects of blockchain technology. Key elements of blockchain technologies in these games include NFTs and digital currencies. Players can exchange or buy these tokens from other players, and the game developer may charge a settlement fee. A key sub-sector of these games are games to win. This model allows players to earn digital currency by playing games.

Here are the main examples of blockchain-based games:

  • Axi Infinity: Players collect Axes, non-fungible tokens used to fight other players in this game. By winning the war, you earn Smooth Love Potion, which can be exchanged for Axie Infinity Shard coins. You can also do other things with the Axies, such as trading and breeding them.
  • Decentralized: Decentraland players can create a 3D world by purchasing in-game land and building anything. In addition, players can create various matches on their virtual sites. You can only participate in Decentraland if you have Eth, which you use to buy MANA digital currency.
  • alien worlds is a virtual sci-fi game that allows players to capture strange, non-fungible tokens. You can use captured NFTs to exploit other products.

How to Hire an NFT Game Development Company

Here are the technical skills to evaluate when hiring a crypto game developer:

  • Understanding the structure of the blockchain.
  • The blockchain game development company you want to choose must demonstrate a deeper understanding of the blockchain architecture. Key elements include consensus mechanisms, hash functions, and decentralized ledgers. Also, the developer should be familiar with various blockchain networks such as Ethereum, NEO, and Solano.

  • Knowledge of smart contracts
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    Digital contracts remain in the blockchain environment and adhere to predetermined rules. Once the parties to the transaction comply with predetermined rules, the smart contract is automatically executed. When developing games with blockchain, smart contracts are responsible for the transfer of cryptocurrency, the security of the game, and individual settlements. It is important to note that once you develop an agreement, it will not be possible to change it. So, you need to choose a competent crypto game development company.

  • Understanding cryptography
  • An important skill in blockchain development is knowledge of cryptography. Cryptography involves providing a secure blockchain environment. There are several elements of cryptography, including keys, digital signatures, and wallets for storing cryptocurrencies. In addition, developers must understand how to use public keys to prevent unauthorized access. Some concepts of cryptography include:

    • encryption: This allows you to convert plaintext to ciphertext. The procedure prevents unauthorized parties from accessing the data.
    • Decryption: With decryption, you convert the encrypted information into plain text for easy reading.
  • Data Structures
  • The entire blockchain environment includes data structures. Each fragment is considered a form of data that collects calculations for a public ledger. A crypto game developer often works with data structures and needs to know how they work. Some data structures that developers need to understand include graphs, Merkle trees, and hash trees.

  • Knowledge of programming and coding languages
  • A crypto game developer uses different programming languages ​​depending on the type of blockchain they are implementing in their gaming products. Some languages ​​developers need to understand include Java, C++, and Solidity. In addition, developers should be familiar with several libraries and templates.

  • Coding
  • The backend section of your crypto game is composed of various components such as game content, data, and structures, so it is necessary for the developer to create a blockchain-based game structure and create decisions for selecting information, functions, and commands. .


    Blockchain games have become known to gamers and game developers. Many people are willing to participate in these games due to their decentralization. This means that players can transfer their in-game items to other environments. Players can also trade their NFT in-game items with other players. Here we have covered the technical skills you need to assess when hiring a Blockchain development agency to create your crypto game.

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