Blood donation is required; The Red Cross is making an appointment now

The American Red Cross of Wisconsin states that there is now a serious blood shortage and all blood types must be donated immediately.

“In fact, just across the country, still in this acute shortage of blood at the national level,” said Justin Kern, an official spokesman for the American Red Cross of Wisconsin. “We have to collect about 1,000 units a day to fill the shortage that is on the shelves of our hospital partners.”

Red Cross officials warn that there is an acute shortage of blood of all types, not only here in Wisconsin but across the country.

“Our hospital partners are seeing an increase in injuries such as car accidents or violent crimes, and a return to many of these planned operations,” Kern said. “So the need for blood for both of these types of things is very high.”

However, an unlikely ally helps them meet demand.

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“Bars and breweries were one of the businesses that really kicked off in true Wisconsin style,” Kern said.

About 30 bars and breweries across the state rent out their drinking hall so people can donate a pint instead of drinking it.

“We do these blood tests every three months or so with the Red Cross,” said Grant Steskal, manager of Indeed Brewing.

A couple of dozen people went to the brewery to make a donation.

“I’ve done this before and I know there is a serious shortage, so I decided to go back and do it again,” said Jennifer Chitty.

But her reason for helping is not just to be a good neighbor.

“We’re trying to do 80 good things for my mom’s 80th birthday,” Chitty said.

So, whether you’re doing this for your mom or to help a stranger, donate whatever you can to help save a life.

To donate, visit:

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