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Couples form a little more often between people of the same blood type, according to a very large study conducted by scientists from Tsinghua University in Beijing (China). Even taking into account several factors that can contribute to the convergence of people, such as ethnic or social origin, intelligence quotient, height, weight or occupation, there is still a small preponderance of couples with the same blood type compared to what would be due only to chance.

A more pronounced trend in people with blood type O

This tendency is more pronounced in people from group O than in the rest. The study, which included more than 1.1 million couples across China, seems solid, but the results still need to be confirmed, especially in other countries, the researchers say. Many studies attempt to isolate the factors influencing couple formation, but they are subject to numerous biases. For example, the suggestion that women would rather marry men with strong genetic differences from them in their immune systems has recently been debunked.

Still a cryptic link

In conclusion of their study, the Chinese researchers believe that the relationship that may exist between blood type and pairing is still a mystery. Several ways can be considered to explain this. The first reason is that some Chinese deliberately choose spouses with the same blood type, which is already seen in Japan but does not seem to exist in China. Another explanation could be that each blood type has different traits, which would facilitate communication between people of the same group, but this hypothesis has yet to be scientifically proven.

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