Bloodborne: FPS mod takes you through Yharnam through the eyes of the hunter

Game news Bloodborne: FPS mod takes you through Yharnam through the eyes of the hunter

The fruit of the work of modder Garden of Eyes, Bloodborne has a first-person mod that takes you through the winding streets of Yharnam in the shoes of the hunter you play. A vision that completely renews the gaming experience of the From Software title.

For this ambitious project, Garden of Eyes was able to count on the help and invaluable advice of Zullie the Witch who, among other things, made the first person mod for Dark Souls III. Thus, Garden of Eyes takes us back to a first-person Gothic stroll through Yharnam to offer us a whole new experience.

To change the view and thus switch from third person to first person, the mod uses a special item, a headgear called “The Great One Hat”, which can be found at the start of the game. By wearing this hat, the player can thus navigate the game through the eyes of his character.

Presented as one of his most ambitious projects, the FPS mod developed by Garden of eyes also does work on the animations of some weapons in the game so that they are wielded correctly.

With this change of view, the fights are experienced in a completely different way since the view in the first person restricts the field of vision during the clashes, which has the consequence of making the fights against the bosses always so devious and much more frightening when crossing them so close.

This is not the first mod that we see landing on Bloodborne. Last February, a 60 FPS mod was born and allowed players to modify version 1.09 of the game in order to increase its maximum refresh rate. Note that the mod developed by Garden of Eyes is compatible with this one for an even smoother first person view.

Garden of Eyes notably plans to release its Bloodborne FPS mod with a Patreon page dedicated.

By Jinxeb, Writing


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