Bloodborne – PS5/PC return could be confirmed soon

Still as popular despite Elden Ring?

Not so long ago, if a fan were asked to quote a From Software reference, many would say loud and clear: Bloodborne! Released exclusively for PlayStation 4 in 2015, the game really convinced a large part of the suffering-loving public. But Elden Ring has been around ever since, and its “huge” success inevitably wreaks havoc on hearts. However, despite the logical emotional loss of momentum, Bloodborne may well return in the near future.

The rumor is not new, especially since Bloodborne 2 has long been whispered and made gamers dream. But this time, the hypothesis is not about the second volume, but rather about the return of the first episode (despite recent reversals).

We owe this conclusion to Colin Moriarty, a former IGN journalist who, during sacred symbols Looking at the best games for the PlayStation 4, launched a short phrase filled with meaning:

“I’m telling you, you haven’t finished watching Bloodborne yet…”

By outspokenly declaring that the From Software title thus did not end his career, Moriarty therefore opens the door wide to rumors. Rumors, which, by the way, have been whispering for a very long time about the return of the first opus under the guise of a PS5 / PC remastering, whet the appetite of fans. A return that seems far more likely to us than a possible opus 2 that we can hardly imagine having escaped the hands of From Software, which has been too busy with Elden Ring in recent years…

Of course, and again, we are in a world of speculation and there is no guarantee that this phrase will go further. But to the insider’s credit, we can also attribute the early announcements, which turned out to be true, of Ratchet & Clank or even a Demon’s Souls remake on PS5.

To see what the future holds for us. The future we envision has been shaken during the fiery E3 2022. And at worst, we can always cross our fingers that Steelrising is a brilliant echo.


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