BLUE FIRE pre-orders are available on Nintendo Switch

Score: 15/20

By drawing inspirations to the right and to the left, Blue Fire manages to create a unique experience that is interesting for fans of exploration and platforms. It is in particular this last point that will remain in mind, the title having for it a dynamic and precise movement system, which is used throughout the adventure and especially in The Void, a parallel dimension integrated into the exploration. where the platformer aspect is taken to the extreme. This sometimes leads to very demanding challenges, but always with a reward: an extra heart on your life bar. Because yes, the fights of Blue Fire are also strong, and it will be necessary to put all the chances on your side not to pass the weapon on the left, under penalty of losing useful resources for the progression. Well paced and written, served with a nice DA and soundtrack, the title forms a coherent whole which never does too much. To regret, however, some unnecessary back and forth and designs that sometimes lack personality, and also technical problems on Switch. But if you want to have a nice adventure with platform and challenge, that’s all good.

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