BMW to offer electric vehicle charging without app or card from 2023

BMW has announced a new feature through which it will offer electric vehicle charging for its electric vehicles without the need for an app or card.

Basically, you’ll just be able to plug your BMW EV into an electric charger that recognizes the car and that will take care of the payment for you.

With pioneering innovations in digital vehicle functions, the BMW Group is once again helping to make electric vehicles more convenient and attractive. From mid2023, the Plug&Charge function will be available in the first BMW models, allowing customers to charge electricity at public charging points without using a charging card or app. The authentication required to start the charging and billing process is done automatically through data exchange between the vehicle and the charging station.

At the same time, BMW Charging is expanding its extensive portfolio of charging services with this feature provided by Digital Charging Solutions GmbH (DCS). In addition, the new functionality provides Plug&Charge access to the IONITY charging network initiated by BMW.

This new feature will come to BMW electric vehicles from mid2023 and should make it easier for BMW owners to charge their electric vehicles.


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