BMW to use parts from recycled fishing nets

BMW has announced that it plans to use parts made from recycled fishing nets in its future vehicles. Many manufacturers are now thinking about the materials they use in their vehicles.

The company has shown that they can cut CO2 emissions from these parts by about 25 percent compared to the same parts that are normally produced without recycling.

BMW also said that by 2020 they intend to use thermoplastics in their vehicles, which are 40 percent recycled.

Recycled BMW fishing nets

For the first time in the automotive industry, the NEUE KLASSE models, which should be on the market from 2025, will be equipped with trim parts made from plastic, the raw material of which is approximately 30 percent recycled fishing nets and ropes. This raw material is actively purchased from ports around the world to ensure that it does not get thrown into the sea.

As part of an exclusive recycling process, waste from the marine industry is used to produce trim parts suitable for the exterior and interior of future vehicles. The resulting components have an approximately 25 percent lower carbon footprint than their conventionally made plastic counterparts.

You can find out more information about BMW’s plans to use recycled fishing nets in cars at the link below.


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