BMW wants to offer new services in its cars

Nowadays, it is very often possible to afford supplements when buying a car, whether it is the addition of heated seats, a particular color, original rims … once the car leaves the showroom and comes into the possession of its owners, its builders have little leeway to generate additional income from a sale.

However, everything should change with the arrival of mobile solutions, the Internet of Things (IoT) and on-board connectivity. The automotive industry can now take advantage of the same subscription models as those already used by content providers, among others. A new deal which the German manufacturer BMW intends to take advantage of. The latter has just announced the addition of a set of new services based on its improved operating system, OS version 7.

If the manufacturer has not yet delivered more concrete details on how the subscriptions will work, it is already understood that the purchases will be made via the BMW ConnectedDrive store.

Remote software updates

“BMW already offers its customers digital services and additional functions for vehicles in the form of digital after-sales service, some of which are deeply integrated into vehicle software,” said BMW.

“In the United States, the BMW Drive Recorder is offered as part of a pilot program. In the near future, additional functions will be added which will allow access to the vehicle’s existing hardware and software, such as certain comfort functions or driver assistance systems, ”said the manufacturer’s management.

These new features will be delivered to their car through remote software updates, also explained the manufacturer’s staff. As revealed by the specialized information site Auto Blog, it could be heated seats, driver assistance solutions or cruise control. This is not the first time, however, that BMW has made a foray into subscription offers. In 2019, the automaker had already tried to impose an annual fee of $ 80 on vehicle owners for the use of Apple CarPlay, an initiative quickly abandoned due to customer complaints.

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