BNB and Google Cloud: a mega-hull to promote Web3?

Will honey attract bees? – In an effort to expand and firmly root its blockchain, BNB is developing technology and partnerships together. Following the announcement of zk-Rollup Level 2, BNB Chain announces a partnership with Google Cloud. Therefore, BNB and Google are working hand in hand to promote the growth of Web 3 and Blockchain projects.

Google Cloud serving the Binance blockchain

BNB and Google Cloud will work together to provide developers with the basic infrastructure. This infrastructure will include cloud computing loans as well as mentoring for select Web3 and Blockchain startups. The purpose of this association of BNB and Google is to promote the growth of Web3 and Blockchain startups in their early stages.

Thus, BNB Chain projects will have access to the Google infrastructure. These infrastructures will allow, in particular, to analyze the data of the BNB chain and encrypt information. CZ announced this on his Twitter account on September 18, 2022.

BNB Chain and Google Cloud team up to drive growth of Web3 and Blockchain projects – Source: Twitter

Access to Google Cloud Startup Success is also a notable benefit. This online incubator will connect Web3 developers with the firm’s experts. These experts will be able to help them with data analysis, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and zero-trust security. Finally, Google Cloud also provides access to carbon-neutral infrastructure. An important marketing argument for these companies, often seeking funding.

“Zero Trust is a security framework that requires all users, both inside and outside an organization’s network, to be constantly authenticated, authorized, and checked for configuration and security status before they are granted access to applications and data. »

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With the help of BNB, Google wants to get its stake in the blockchain

This announcement is in line with Google’s goal of blockchain engagement so that you don’t miss a train that’s already in motion. On Friday, May 6, 2022, Amit Zaveri, VP of Google Cloud, announced to his employees that he has created a Web3 team. Also earlier this year, Google Cloud added a malware detection service designed for cryptocurrency mining.

BNB and Google CloudGoogle Cloud is gaining momentum

As a reminder, Google Cloud also contains the Google Cloud Platform, a “cloud computing” tool. It lets you use the same tools as Google to build apps like its search engine. This platform allows you to create simple websites or much more complex applications. Thus, it is a real asset for Web3 startups.

There are at least 1,300 “decentralized” applications active on the BNB network. Thus, these 1300 applications will have access to the undeniable benefits offered by Google Cloud. In these projects, we find challenges, the metaverse, blockchain games, non-fungible tokens.

But the cloud also poses a danger to the blockchain. Indeed, behind the promises of decentralization offered by the cryptocurrency industry, there are still and always some GAFAMs lurking. Many nodes are hosted in these clouds, which will eventually re-centralize systems within the web giants. A topic you can delve into in this in-depth article dated August 23, 2022, “Blockchain Passes the Centralization Test.”

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