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This article is taken from Les Indispensables de Sciences et Avenir #209 April/June 2022.

It was from the N-body problem, a mathematical puzzle that the Frenchman Henri Poincaré excelled at solving at the end of the 19th century, that Liu Cixin came up with this saga. This Three-Body Problem, the first volume of a trilogy, won the prestigious Hugo Award in the United States in 2015. “Liu Cixin worked for several years as an engineer at a nuclear power plant,” Gwennael Gaffric, French translator of the book, explained to Science et Avenir. his speech.”

Window of opportunity

“Problem” here refers to a gravitational instability in which the exoplanet is in orbit around three stars … The detection of a signal sent by Chinese scientists gives the idea to its inhabitants, Trisolarians, to invade Earth. The book opens a window of opportunity—and risk—for space exploration. In terms of the range of topics it covers, it is also a rich exploration of the modern scientific universe: the overpopulation of our planet, the scarcity of resources, transhumanism, the physiological and physical effects that space adventures have on humanity…

“Three Body Problem”, Liu Qixin, Actes Sud, 2016.

A video interview with G. Gaffrick filmed in 2018 can be found at Sciences et Avenir.

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