Bosses are even cooler than Elon Musk

  • Keith Rabois, a prominent Silicon Valley investor, lamented the “fake job”.
  • According to him, many employees of technology companies are “useless”
  • This highly political vision is widely disputed.

“All these people were useless,” Keith Rabua, a well-known Silicon Valley investor, did not go out of his way at an event organized by Evercore Bank. According to him, most of the numerous employees laid off recently at technology companies have been useless.

Thus, the current CEO of OpenStore explained that these workers, fired from Google and Meta, were usually present without a specific mission. “These people have nothing to do – they really are – it’s just a fictitious workforce. Now that this has been revealed, what do these people actually do, do they go to meetings? »

The entrepreneur is not the only one who shares this vision. As Business Insider reminds us, this is also the view of Elon Musk, who prioritized marketing services, human resources and communications during Twitter layoffs.

Very reality oriented

Specifically, this is an idealized vision that all people who do not write code are useless for a technology company. Our colleagues also note that most of those who advocate this view are Republicans and share the dislike of unions and the overly demanding side of some of their employees.

These employees are considered mediocre, if not too spoiled. In a way, these entrepreneurs feel that the mass layoffs in Silicon Valley are a good way to get them back on track and start in good positions, in other words, with the people who code and design specific products.

However, this vision is at odds with reality. As Evgeny Malobrodsky, a partner at early-stage investor One Way Ventures, explains, “It’s easy to hide in a large company, but there’s no way for a startup to get away from a fictitious workforce.”

He also adds: “I think it is wrong to say that many people are doing bogus work, especially when companies are already implementing workplace monitoring tools. »

As we recently told you, companies are increasingly using these devices, and it’s hard to imagine legions of employees spending their days doing nothing.

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