Bottle Farm Mini Indoor Garden

If you want to enjoy fresh herbs and herbs at every meal, you might be interested in the new indoor garden, which allows you to grow a wide variety of herbs from the comfort of your kitchen. Bottle Farm Mini is a modular kit that transforms old glass jars, jars and containers into herb growing pots without having to invest in plastic plant pots.

“We are a team of school friends, scientists and designers from south London. After we graduated from university, we wanted to create something that would allow more people to grow fresh food and have a positive impact on the environment.”

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Using the company’s unique plant fuel, sponsors can use a carefully crafted blend of nutrients to make their plants grow up to 50% faster than conventional soil growing.

Bottle Farm Mini

“Smart Hydroponic Technology – The Mini uses a smart technology called hydroponics – add our Plant Fuel™ to your tap water and give your plants all the nutrients they need to grow. This helps them grow faster than in soil and uses up to 90% less water. It also makes the Mini selfwatering because the plants only drink as much water as they need. You just have to keep it up!”

If the Bottle Farm Mini crowdfunding campaign successfully raises the required contribution target and the project progresses smoothly, worldwide delivery is expected to take place sometime in December 2022. To learn more about the Bottle Farm Mini indoor garden project, watch the promotional video below. Early sponsor contributions are now available for a creative project from around £39 to £35 (depending on current exchange rates).

“Transform your waste – We’ve designed Bas of the Mini to work with virtually any container up to 12cm wide. Now you can repurpose your old jars, jars and containers to grow something new. Create your own miniature herb garden. You can grow just about anything in your minigardens, from herbs to fresh herbs, tomatoes and chili peppers. For our Kickstarter supporters, we offer basil, tomato, chili, lettuce, arugula, green onion, coriander, parsley and mint seeds. “

“The base fits any container up to 12 cm in diameter. It is made from a beautiful reclaimed piece of wood. Grow baskets are made from 100% recycled plastic – designed to support your plants as they grow.”

For a complete list of all available precommitments, additional goals, additional media and technical specifications for the indoor garden, visit the official Bottle Farm Mini Crowdfunding Campaign page by following the link below.

Source: Kickstarter

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