Bourg-le-Valence: he claims his inheritance from his bank for four years

With his flyers in hand, Gabriel Bouquet stood in front of the Crédit Mutuel cashier on Victor Hugo Avenue in Valencia on Wednesday 21 July. Tirelessly for four years, this 81-year-old man claims to the inheritance department from the bank possession of his late wife according to his various accounts. According to his calculations, taking into account the savings invested in ELP, Gabriel Bouquet could demand 33,000 euros.

Appointment with Crédit Mutuel

They settled the matter against the rules, even the laws, “ storm Gabriel Bouquet. Inheritance tax is regulated by the 2001 law, a text that an eighty-year-old knows inside out. “It provides that surviving spouses, upon death and when they marry under the community regime, are entitled to enter half of the property. For the rest, he is entitled to a quarter.“Except that this Burken had little or nothing.”I received 1163 euros and will give you a penny.

However, this is not due to a lack of demand: visits, registered letters, legal notice … Willing to sue, even Gabriel Bouquet use a lawyer… “He must inform me of the amounts that I will have to pay. At the moment I already have [déboursé] 1800 euros.“A fundamental question for a pensioner.”I am already doing this for my wife so that her money will not be taken away. And to my disabled son. He has been under our care since his birth. On the day I disappear, he will have no income other than RSA.

Finally, Gabriel Bouquet also looks forward to media coverage of this controversy. Following his actions on Wednesday, Crédit Mutuel offered him a meeting with the Valence fund manager in mid-August. The bank undertakes “find a way out of this file“.

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