Bouygues Construction adopts Dassault Systèmes’ 3DExperience platform

Dassault Systèmes and Bouygues Construction have just formalized their partnership aimed at opening up new perspectives in the construction sector. Bouygues Construction is adopting the 3DExperience platform, from Dassault Systèmes, with the aim of modeling the entire life cycle of its construction projects, and increasing the digitization and collaboration of the various businesses.

The platform offers teams on construction sites opportunities for collaboration and innovation that will bring together the entire ecosystem of a project. The creation of a digital twin, capable of processing all the data relating to a site, will be used from design to operation, helping to industrialize project management.

“Upstream in the value chain, this approach makes it possible to start from uses to achieve the most appropriate design. The processes are then industrialized by preparing the various phases of the project very early on and by planning their execution in the field in great detail ”, details a press release.

A unique digital platform to unite the ecosystem

Construction faces productivity issues, both because of the complexity of the projects and the fragmentation of trades. With this partnership, Bouygues Construction also expects to achieve energy savings and develop new tracing and waste management practices. Overall, the feature portfolio aims to “increase both productivity in the field, improve quality, reduce errors, ensure compliance with new sustainability standards and increase predictability in project delivery,” said the partners.

Concretely, three “Industry Solution Experiences” based on the platform will be implemented: Integrated Built Environment, Inclusive Urban Future and Building Design For Fabrication.

“Each project is unique and has specific requirements. The issues are becoming more and more complex in order to best meet the uses. Our partnership with Dassault Systèmes allows us to adopt a different approach to change our ways of building for the benefit of our customers, and is likely to improve the sector’s response to environmental challenges. This revolution can only be achieved by involving all the actors of a project in the creation of a digital twin and such a level of collaboration requires a single digital platform that unites this ecosystem ”, affirms Philippe Bonnave, president- Chief Executive Officer of Bouygues Construction.

A year and a half of implementation

With the 3DExperience platform, Bouygues Construction is therefore adopting a more systemic approach to project management. This approach makes it possible to move from documents where the different professions intervene independently, to a method based on integrated and collaborative models.

Before formalizing the partnership, the two groups worked for over a year to verify a few use cases. As evoked Le Figaro, they carried out tests in an office building in Asia, or in particular produced the digital twin of public lighting for a city in the south of France. In three years, Bouygues Construction intends to target 15,000 users, ie nearly half of potential users.

“Ecosystems and projects are constantly growing in complexity and scale. We are convinced that a renaissance can occur in the construction industry, which will make it more sustainable and more affordable. This level of integration will reduce waste and facilitate the construction lifecycle by providing opportunities for collaboration and innovation for journeymen. The success of our current projects with Bouygues Construction calls for an accelerated and extended collaboration which corresponds to the great diversity of construction projects. The 3DExperience platform offers the construction industry a new generation of digital twin experiences that are hosted in the cloud and usable on the go. This element is a game-changer in the transformation of the sector towards a simpler, more rational and more sustainable model, ”concludes Bernard Charlès, vice-chairman of the board of directors and general manager of Dassault Systèmes.

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