Bouygues Telecom partners with OnOff to offer a second number to its subscribers

This is news that should delight professionals concerned with preserving their privacy. Bouygues Telecom has just announced the launch of a partnership with the French start-up OnOff. Objective of this association? Allow operator subscribers to have a free second virtual number on their smartphone to dedicate to their professional activity, without having to change devices or plans.

In fact, this new offer will be available to all owners of a Sensation or B & You package in the form of an option sold at 3 euros per month, with the first month offered. It will allow them to have a second French mobile number, a dedicated answering machine, access to incoming and outgoing calls as well as SMS and MMS to the mainland.

“This new offer is part of Bouygues Telecom’s desire to facilitate the means of communication for its customers with useful and simple services,” said the operator, who considers it an “ideal” option. for all those who do not wish to communicate their personal mobile number to put a classified ad online, activate a subscription on a website or even to protect their privacy ”.

A very relative economy

As a reminder, the start-up OnOff – founded by former roller skating champion Thaïg Khris – was launched in 2015 and is based on the concept of “cloud number” which allows one or more virtual telephone numbers to be used as an email address, on the same smartphone, with a single SIM card (two-card phones also allow two numbers to be used on the same mobile).

Note that the option offered by Bouygues Telecom is accessible directly on the OnOff application at a monthly price of 3.49 euros per month for its basic offer and from 9 euros per month for its professional offer (which, unlike to that offered by the operator, unlimited access to calls to European countries).

If the option offered by Bouygues Telecom will therefore not revolutionize the daily life – or the finances – of professionals, it will however allow them to access a second number without breaking the bank excessively. Note that if the service will certainly interest the pros, it can also appeal to the general public for “posting classifieds (car sales, etc.)”, for example, to be called without providing its “real” number.

Note that Bouygues Telecom also seems to be on the point of accelerating with regard to eSim. The operator could, according to some rumors, take the plunge by the end of the month. It will thus be the third French operator to offer this option on compatible devices after Orange and SFR.


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