Brawl Stars, Wally: How to play the new brawler? Our guide and tips

A brand new brawler is available on Brawl Stars: Wally! If you are lucky enough to have already unlocked this mythical rarity character, you should have noticed that it is particularly difficult to play. If, like the majority of players, you do not yet have your Wally, you will quickly have to adapt to playing against its singular faculties, capable of reversing a match on their own. In any case, this guide will be invaluable in getting to know the most particular brawler in the game.

Like every brawler, Wally was treated to a full analysis of its stats and mechanics, as well as a list of tips and tricks for how to play it in our brawler guide. You will find:

  • All its statistics, a comparison with other brawlers and what it entails.
  • An analysis of its mechanics, its Super, its Star Powers and Gadget and some tips for them.
  • A long list of tips little known to optimize the way you play Wally.
  • The list of modes that we recommend with this character and why we recommend them to you.

Complete Guide to Brawl Stars


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