Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead will be available for Xbox Series X | S on November 19

The Bridge Constructor series is a brilliant mix of licenses. If you don’t know, a little less than two years ago you could enjoy the game in the Portal universe. Today, it is quite different. So say goodbye to the teleportation portals and make way for the zombies. Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead will arrive on Xbox Series X | S starting November 19. The good news is that this puzzle game is still being developed by ClockStone Software.

Building bridges to move forward?

If the humor of GLaDOS will certainly be lacking in this opus, the game will not be devoid of interest because the post-apocalyptic universe of The Walking Dead is doing wonderfully for this type of game. As a reminder, you must build bridges with certain constraints by undergoing the laws of gravity. Your constructions will be put to the test here. Indeed, you will have to join a group of survivors who fight against hordes of living dead and a hostile community of humans by creating fragile platforms. All while crossing dark landscapes with ruined structures. But yes, you are in a shattered world.


You will have the chance to meet strong characters from the series such as Daryl, Michonne or even Eugene. In addition, it will be necessary to build solid roads to pass certain vehicles. To pass your levels, you will have items available to place on your way. But that’s not all, since it will be necessary to succeed in using explosives sparingly, and bait to lure the infected into traps. Clever, but evil, isn’t it? The catch is that walkers can seriously damage your pretty bridges.

Many levels, filled with walkers, will be available in this new title. Can you save all your characters? The answer on Xbox Series X | S starting November 19.

Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead Trailer

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