British police discover cannabis racket after car enters house

After a car crashed into a house in Cardiff, UK, local police found a small cannabis factory inside the property. At first, the car crash was considered an accident by the South Wales Police. But later, when they explored the property to contact the owner of the partially damaged home, they found a cannabis plantation and other tools to deal with the banned substance.

Sharing photos of the crash site, South Wales Police tweeted ‘surprisingly the owner was not home’ and ‘if they would like to contact us and we can chat a bit about what ‘there was inside’.

It is illegal in the UK to possess, cultivate, distribute or sell cannabis and any such activity without a valid license will result in a prison sentence of up to 14 years.

In photos released by the South Wales Police Roads Unit, a dark gray car can be seen crashing into the house. The large window in the house was smashed along with much of the wall, leaving the room exposed.

Inside the house, police spotted a well-planned facility for processing cannabis, with lamps and heaters installed. A neighbor said when the police arrived they started knocking on the door instead of talking to the driver, which made him realize that something serious had happened.

Rowan, a college student, said: “The police came and I realized something was going on as the cops knocked on the door first instead. [of speaking to the driver]. Instead of talking to people in the car that crashed into the house, they barged in, the police came in and tore things up. I knew something more serious had happened. “

Police will await the owner’s return to investigate further cannabis production in the home.

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