Britney’s new attorney promises ‘aggressive and quick’ approach to lifting custody

JUSTICE – New lawyer for American singer Britney Spears pledged on Monday, July 19, that he will take “aggressive and quick” steps so that the singer’s father no longer controls his daughter’s property.

Matthew Rosengart performed on the sidelines of a new audience around the Queen of Pop’s ward, a measure that stripped her of much of her autonomy for thirteen years.

“My firm and I are working hard and fast to file a motion to remove Jamie Spears (from office) if he doesn’t retire first,” the lawyer said, defending the star for just a few days.

The judge did indeed allow the translator of “Toxic” and “… Baby One More Time” on Wednesday for the first time to choose how she would like to be protected in her fight to end custody.

Next hearing on July 26

This regime was introduced to him in 2008 after a series of high-profile blunders, and it was mainly directed by his father. The singer condemns this measure and assured on Saturday that she will no longer perform on stage while she is under the supervision of the latter.

“I want to thank Britney Spears for her courage and strength,” her lawyer, who has represented other Hollywood stars such as Steven Spielberg and Sean Penn, said Monday. “I also want to thank Britney Spears fans and supporters,” he said, receiving an instant standing ovation from several #FreeBritney (#LiberezBritney) activists in court. These fans are behind a massive digital campaign that has helped bring the case back to the fore.

In addition to her father, Jamie, guardianship is provided by professional guardian Jody Montgomery. The latter again demanded at a hearing on Monday the payment of a monthly envelope of $ 50,000 to ensure her safety, citing the threats she faces.

The parties said they need more time to complete the deal. The next hearing is scheduled for Monday, July 26th.

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