Broadcom improves the security of high-speed networks

As network speeds increase, security analytics struggle to keep up, so much so that the data being monitored is often only a statistical sample of the overall stream—a method that obviously falls far short of completely secure. Broadcom’s Trident 4C Ethernet Switches address this issue as they can analyze data traffic at full speed, i.e. 12.8 Tbps. “This is a natural extension of our portfolio as we started with Layer 2 switching, then Layer 3 routing, and now we’re adding Layer 4 to Layer 7 security,” said Rem Velaga, VP of Switching at Broadcom .

The Trident 4C (reference BCM56890) is capable of tracking over 500,000 streams at 5.4 billion packets per second. It allocates 170 billion ALUs for connection tracking and has four over-GHz processor cores for telemetry and embedded applications. It switches and routes up to 128 100Gbps Ethernet links or 32 400Gbps Ethernet links through a compiler-programmable architecture.

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